Are Virtual Security Operations Centers in Your Future?
By Brian Tuskan · September 26, 2016 • The next wave of campus physical security may be VSOCs, which leverage the cloud to deliver efficiencies, cost savings and improved security.

TECMILENIO University Installs Tech Turnstiles for Access Control
By TechDecisions Staff · September 22, 2016 • Well-known TECMILENIO University in Mexico installed over 100 turnstiles and gates across 25 campuses to bolster perimeter security.

Why the Closing of For-Profit Education Institutions Is Dangerous to AV Industry
By Tim Albright · September 20, 2016 • Colleges like ITT and Devry offer unique, accelerated educational opportunities that provide the audio visual industry with entry level employees who have base knowledge of IT, electrical, programming, and more.

Check Out the Networking Behind the Largest Video Display in College Football
By TechDecisions Staff · September 19, 2016 • Daktronics fields a Dante audio network to support Auburn University’s Jordan-Hare Football Stadium display screen.

Translating Tech-Speak: A Beginner’s Glossary
By James Marcella · September 15, 2016 • Confused by what your IT department is telling you? These definitions should help.

Colossus Video Board Makes Battle at Bristol an Epic Experience for 160,000 Fans
By D. Craig MacCormack · September 13, 2016 • Virginia Tech and Tennessee played before college football’s biggest crowd ever – and under the world’s largest free-standing center-hung display.

Beating the Heat During the Dog Days of Summer
By Dave Bujack · September 12, 2016 • With the school year starting, heat can take more of a toll on your campus than you might realize. These steps will help you address your risk.

Mechdyne Brings Wichita State’s 3DExperience Center to Life
By Tim Albright · September 8, 2016 • Mechdyne wins the 2016 Integration Award in the higher education category for its Wichita State 3DExperience Center installation.

ITT Tech Officially Closes After Federal Sanctions
By TechDecisions Staff · September 7, 2016 • The for-profit higher education institution discontinues all academic operations permanently after sanctions preventing ITT Tech from receiving any federal aid for tuition.

The Internet of Things: AV/IT Benefits for the University
By Craig Park · September 5, 2016 • IoT is quickly and quietly revolutionizing corporate and institutional facilities.

Accessing the Power of Mobile Device Management
By TD Staff · September 2, 2016 • Software to help schools manage and control mobile devices on campus.

Back to School: 25 Popular Educational Solutions for This School Year
By TechDecisions Staff · September 1, 2016 • From interactive whiteboards to full-range ceiling speakers and laser projectors, there are plenty of new education solutions on the market to help schools and universities solve learning challenges during the 2016-2017 school year.

How Technology in Education Can Improve Faculty Research
By TechDecisions Staff · August 30, 2016 • Higher Education institutions have done well to incorporate technology into the classroom, but might be overlooking the flip side of the coin – providing staff with technology that makes them work better.

Saint Xavier University Benefits From a New Design Trend
By Don Kreski · August 29, 2016 • The construction of an innovative new campus for Saint Xavier University highlights alternative AV design and implementation methods that are creating win-win scenarios for everyone involved.

Accessing the Power of Mobile Device Management
By TechDecisions Staff · August 26, 2016 • Whether you're issuing students mobile devices or they're bringing their own devices into the classroom, institutions need a way to keep track of them and keep them secure.

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Accessing the Power of Mobile Device Management
Software to help schools manage and control mobile devices on campus.
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