4 Tips for Using Digital Signage for Emergency Communications
By Chrissy Winske · July 7, 2014 • Learn how to use digital signage effectively in an emergency situation.

How to Talk To People Who Speak Computer
By Jessica Kennedy · July 7, 2014 • If you can't understand what a technology manufacturer or integrator is saying, ask them to speak human.

St. Louis University’s New Video Wall Brightens Center For Global Citizenship
By Dan Daley · July 1, 2014 • St. Louis University’s Center for Global Citizenship (SLU) uses a video wall and Polycom videoconferencing technology to connect students to places around the world. See some of the design challenges on this A/V project and learn how SLU overcame audio and lighting issues to create a stellar project.

Integrated Mass Notification Helps Texas A&M Get the Message Out Quickly
By Steven Castle · June 30, 2014 • Using AtHoc Emergency Mass Notification Software, Texas A&M has the ability to integrate its mass notification systems and alert staff and students across 11 platforms. Most alerts can be sent out in minutes.

Stonehill College’s 15 Acre Solar Farm Harvests a Huge ROI
By Jessica Kennedy · June 27, 2014 • Stonehil College turns to solar panels to power campus

Why Colleges Should Upgrade to Solstice 2.0
By Jessica Kennedy · June 26, 2014 • Solstice 2.0 runs on original Solstice features while providing four new features.

10 of the Most Eye-Popping Booths at InfoComm 2014
By Jessica Kennedy · June 18, 2014 • Baanta, Crestron, Digiled, FSR and NEC are just some of the companies whose booths wowed the InfoComm crowd.

Technology Managers Want Colleges to Read the Fine Print Regarding Their Role
By Jessica Kennedy · June 18, 2014 • Technology managers added their own flavors to today’s definition of a tech manager’s role.

Future Trends for Higher Education According to InfoComm 2014
By Jessica Kennedy · June 17, 2014 • Sextant Group President/CEO Mark Valenti gave a rundown on trends that will appear in colleges in the near future.

Should You Consider Banning Laptops in the Lecture Hall?
By Chrissy Winske · June 16, 2014 • Learn why Professor Dan Rockmore of Dartmouth College banned laptops in his classroom, and why you might consider doing it too.

Harvard University Recycles Unused Space to Build a Collaborative LearnLab
By Jessica Kennedy · June 16, 2014 • Red Thread transforms an unused space in the Lamont Library at Harvard University into an up-to-date, technological collaborative center.

Colleges Need to ‘Go Long’ with Distance Learning to Stay on Top
By Jessica Kennedy · June 4, 2014 • Colleges should invest in the technologies that will make their long distance education programs top notch and attract prospective students.

eBook: The Business Case for Tech Managers Attending InfoComm 2014
By TD Staff · May 30, 2014 • Learn about the ROI organizations can get from sending tech managers to InfoComm 2014, the biggest pro AV conference in the industry. InfoComm 2014 takes place in Las Vegas June 14-20.

AMX Opens Up about Harman Acquisition
By D. Craig MacCormack · May 28, 2014 • Harman’s $365 million acquisition of AMX from the Duchossois Group last week has created “lots of energy and lots of excitement” for employees of the automation giant, and could also create new opportunities overseas and abroad in houses of worship, events and more.

FTC Looks to Stop Edtech Company from Selling Student Data
By Chrissy Winske · May 27, 2014 • The issue of privacy and student data is a hotly contested one in K-12 education. As more analytics and data gathering tools hit the market, parents, administrators and government officials are worried about how that data is being used. This is the issue at hand with ConnectEDU’s recent bankruptcy filing. Now the FTC is acting to make sure student data the company collected including names, emails and birth dates are not sold

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