May to Bring in Green Technology Focus, HigherEdTD to Attend Annual UMass Boston Conference
By Jessica Kennedy · May 4, 2015 • HigherEdTD announces its focus on green technologies for May, and its trip to the University Conference on Teaching, Learning and Technology.

Bigger Video Boards Help Boston College Compete Against Living Rooms
By Jessica Kennedy · May 1, 2015 • Boston College’s new video boards help pull people out of their living rooms and into the stands of Alumni Stadium for a full stadium experience.

Berklee’s New Residence & Performance Tower: Music to Boston’s Ears
By Jessica Kennedy · May 1, 2015 • Berklee College of Music’s new building was built to expand recording-based teaching tracks and provide performance spaces for students.

The Truth Behind Social Media In Your Classroom
By Jessica Kennedy · May 1, 2015 • As social media presence grows in the classroom, colleges are seeing how it boosts and deflates college education and culture.

See What University Security Experts Will Present at the Campus Safety National Forum in D.C.
By TD Staff · May 1, 2015 • The Campus Safety National Forum in Washington, D.C. will be split up into three tracks designed to serve the needs of security professionals in different fields: K-12, higher education and hospitals.

4 Steps of Crisis Management with Digital Signage
By Kelly Eisel, Industry Weapon · April 27, 2015 • Digital signage is an important tool for crisis management. Here are four ways that you can use your displays to prevent and respond to an emergency.

5 Technologies That Provide Campus Safety On the Go
By Jessica Kennedy · April 27, 2015 • Campus security is a hot topic when prospective students start looking at which college they should attend. One security method that is still catching fire in higher education is mobile solutions. Mobile solutions are ideal for colleges that have high-traffic areas or large student populations that need more control. They are also ideal for students, faculty and staff that have some type of mobile device glued to their hands on a day to day basis. This guide covers 5 mobile solutions colleges should consider investing in, including apps, megaphones, alert beacons, electromechanical lock systems and turnstiles.

14 Questions to Ask While Evaluating Your College’s Cybersecurity Strength
By Jessica Kennedy · April 24, 2015 • IT staff from colleges across the country collaborated on cybersecurity questions and strategies at the annual ACUTA conference.

5 Technologies that Boost Physical Security on Campus
By Jessica Kennedy · April 23, 2015 • The ACUTA conference show floor is home to these 5 technologies that can increase physical security on your college campus.

How the University of New Mexico Sweetened the Relationship Between IT & End Users
By Jessica Kennedy · April 22, 2015 • University of New Mexico’s Ann Swancer gave a lecture at ACUTA on how the school leveraged the request portal and end users’ needs.

BCCLT, Inc. CEO Lectures on Safety Technology of the 21st Century at ACUTA Conference
By Jessica Kennedy · April 21, 2015 • BCCLT, Inc. CEO L. Thomas Sorrell talks about how technologies of the 21st century improved security at the University of Kentucky at the ACUTA conference.

ACUTA Special Sunday Workshop Sheds Light on College Network Complications & Solutions
By Jessica Kennedy · April 20, 2015 • Summary: Networking director Peter Morrissey covers a workshop on network challenges and how to solve them.

Stonehill College Arms Campus with Security Cameras for Increased Safety
By Aine Cryts · April 20, 2015 • To cut back on campus crime, Stonehill College installed over 55 security cameras in areas including near the campus quad, residency halls and parking lots.

3 Features Security Cameras Need to be Efficient In Case of an Active Shooter
By Brian Armes & Guy Bliesner · April 17, 2015 • A regular video surveillance camera system might not be enough during an active shooting. Brian Armes and Guy Bliesner, co-founders of Educators Eyes, weigh on the top three features security cameras need to be equipped with to stay ahead of the bad guys.

Eastern Kentucky University Stands up for Campus Safety with School Safety Infographic
By Jessica Kennedy · April 10, 2015 • EKU designs school safety infographic to shed light on school shootings and promote a safe learning environment for all schools.

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