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5 Tips for Airtight Enterprise Resource Planning
With data breach risks and high administrative demands, colleges should consider these features for their ERP systems.

UMass Lowell Improves Students’ Academic Success with vLabs and Zero Client Devices
UMass Lowell recently installed vLabs and zero client devices to enable students to access lab assignments without actually going to the lab. vLabs is an app-based feature that enables students to access lab work through a portal; zero clients are server-based virtual devices that run like a PC, but take up less space than a computer. Combined, this solution has cut back on energy costs in UMass Lowell’s labs, and saves its commuting students time. The university’s IT team says it has also improved students’ academic success and makes the university stand out as one of the only colleges in the Northeast that has this solution.

The Monsters of Multi-tasking: How Technology Consumption Consumes College Students
According to a Business Insider article, multi-tasking is exhausting for college students, and is detrimental to producing good work, even though it is key action in today’s culture.

The Battle Against BYOD: How to Mediate Students’ Relationship with Technology in the Classroom
Some professors struggle to keep students engaged in the classroom. Some professors even feel that technology is such a distraction to students that they ban technology in the classroom altogether. However, banning technology in the classroom may diminish students’ interest in a lecture, especially since today’s students expect to learn via technology. Instead of banning technology, professors should consider accepting technology in their classrooms, and include themselves in students’ relationship with technology. By encouraging a positive relationship with technology, professors will keep students engaged in the classroom and learn how to control technology usage in their classrooms.

NSLIJ Knocks Out Live Surgery Demonstrations with New Plasma Video Wall
With its new plasma video wall, NSLIJ can continue educating hospital employees and medical students.

Crestron Most Popular in “Best Products” Slideshow, HigherEdTD Looking for College Writers
5 unique Crestron products were nominated for HigherEdTD’s “Best Products of 2014” slideshow; HigherEdTD is looking for college voices for its vertical.

University of Toledo Trains Future Healthcare Professionals with Simulation Center
The University of Toledo constructed a new simulation via AVI-SPL with technology provided by Cisco, Crestron, Barco and Sharp among others. The simulation center was built in order to give students, future healthcare professionals, a chance to get real world experience in the medical field before practicing on actual patients. The building was constructed based on the tri-center model, where there are three centers in one to train students. Each floor provides students with opportunities to practice debriefing skills, surgery, patient safety and treatment of human patient simulators. The simulation center is even open to people outside of the university, providing training, workshops and presentations.

5 Features That Put Interactive Flat Panels in First Place
Interactive flat panels (IFP’s) giftwrap the major features that college classrooms need in a writing surface under one, low-friction coated screen. From enhanced visual impact and easy accessibility to collaboration-encouraging features, IFP’s are appearing in college classrooms faster than a click of a mouse.

University of Oregon’s Football Complex Uses Biamp’s AudiaFLEX and Nexia CS For Bigger Sound
The University of Oregon turned to Biamp Systems’s AudioFLEX digital audio platform and Nexia CS digital processors to enhance the audio options offered within the complex.

St. Louis University Creates Digital Courtroom Experience with New Law Building
St. Louis University (SLU) built a new, 12-story academic building to teach students law digitally. The building includes classrooms, conference room, courtrooms and digital signage on each floor.

How to Bring Order When Law School is Guilty of Disappointing Students
An article on regret in law schools, and how technology can help students stay enrolled and better prepared for the real world of law after graduation.

5 Technologies That Will Bring the Broadcasting World To Your College
The technology available in this day and age offers bigger and better opportunities for colleges’ broadcast studios, such as being able to shoot film for HD video, working hands-on in a mock studio space, or acting as a personality on-camera.

JIBC To Compartmentalize Internal Information with New ERP System
JIBC turned to Ellucian’s Colleague for a better ERP system.

6 Technologies That Will Keep Your Mock Courtroom in Order
Some law schools are installing mock court rooms and updated law technology to give law students real world experience.

Portland State University Conducts Collaborative Learning with Circle Box Technologies
Colleges like Portland State University now feature CircleBox in classes for mobile collaborative sharing and learning.

To successfully host a guest speaker at a campus venue, colleges should familiarize their staff with location and purchase equipment that best suits the space.