How to Decide Which Technologies Will Boost Blended Learning in the College Classroom
By Jessica Kennedy · July 20, 2015 • When instructors have an array of technologies to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right solution to boost blended learning in the college classroom.

University of Manchester Installs 350-Room Lecture Capture Solution To Meet Students’ Learning Needs
By Jessica Kennedy · July 15, 2015 • The University of Manchester turns to OpenCast and Entwine to deploy a 350-room lecture capture installs to meet students’ learning needs.

Choosing Between Single-Chip DLP and LCD Projection Technology
By TD Staff · July 15, 2015 • Choosing a projector can be a difficult task, if you don’t know your requirements. While from specification sheets many projectors look essentially the same, inside they can be completely different, as well as the image quality they produce. The fundamental reason for the differences is the underlying technology, be it LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or DLP (Digital Light Processing). To add to the confusion DLP itself comes in two varieties: single-chip and three-chip.

5 Features a Good Lecture Capture System Needs to Deliver Content to Students
By Jessica Kennedy · July 13, 2015 • These 5 lecture capture features will help instructors deliver better content to students to enhance their learning experiences.

Kaltura Connect Education Virtual Summit: How to Set Up for Successful Video-Based Learning
By Jessica Kennedy · July 8, 2015 • During the Kaltura Connect Education Virtual Summit, Adam Hagen from Purdue University discusses how a good video setup leads to a successful deployment and active student usage.

4 Tips For Creating a Successful Testing Experience in Online or Blended Courses
By Don Kassner · July 7, 2015 • Don Kassner, CEO and President of ProctorU gives four pieces of advice to help instructors guide students through a successful testing experience in online and blended courses.

5 Functions That Make a Successful Video Solution for a College Classroom
By Jessica Kennedy · July 6, 2015 • If your college needs a new video solution solution, consider these 5 functions to ensure your purchase is worth while.

Hot Areas for Ed Tech Investment in 2015
By Sameer Bhatia · July 6, 2015 • Spending in education-based technologies is increasing, especially in online training and professional development.

Smart Security Planning: Your Key to Administration Support
By Lt. John Weinstein · July 2, 2015 • Here’s how you can make the case for more resources for public safety, security and technology.

College: Big Business or Higher Education Institution?
By Jessica Kennedy · July 2, 2015 • Higher education end users technology for teaching tactics, but they may also use them as a ploy to boost attendance and skyrocket profits.

How to Think Like a Hacker to Protect Your College’s Network
By Dennis Egen · June 30, 2015 • When colleges are able to think like hackers and identify vulnerabilities in their networks, they can better equip them against their enemies.

Use An Online Repository to Build Learning Spaces and Con­vince Admin­istra­tors To Invest
By TD Staff · June 29, 2015 • Online repositories can be used to help colleges design a long-needed campus space and prove to administrators which elements are worth the investment.

How To Match the ADA Compliant Technologies To the Right Students
By Yishai Barth · June 29, 2015 • Rising college student Yishai Barth shares which technologies support his disability, and encourages instructors to be choosy when matching ADA compliant technologies to other students.

10 Ways Smart Phones Impact College Classrooms
By Chris Benker · June 29, 2015 • Even though smart phones both negatively and positively affect student learning, they will always be present in college classrooms.

CIOs Biggest Stressors and How to Solve Them
By John Greene · June 26, 2015 • CIOs are becoming more stressed with the new wave of technology demands, and need to adapt to keep end users happy.

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