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California Community Colleges Build Nursing Education Facilities with CompView
Nursing students get a chance to try out new medical procedures on high-fidelity human patient simulators rather than live patients.

4 Ways to Experience Distance Learning Through the Lens
The best distance learning cameras will provide HD images, point-tilt-zoom capabilities, live-streaming and on-demand options and support content sharing.

Whittier Law School’s Technology Makeover Prepares Students for Real-Life Law
Whittier's technology face-lift includes a state-of-the-art courtroom, jury room and judge quarters to create the atmosphere of an actual court.

The Wait Is Over: Q-Less’ Wait Experience Module Makes Standing in Line a Thing of the Past
The Wait Experience Module reduces stress and wasted time while standing in lines on college campuses across the country.

3 Ways It Pays to Go Green in Higher Education
A biomass boiler and solar panels are just some of the ways that colleges across the country are going and saving green.

The Sun Comes to Stonehill College: The New 15 Acre Solar Farm Is Casting a Light on Campus
Stonehil College turns to solar panels to power campus

Why Colleges Should Upgrade to Solstice 2.0
Solstice 2.0 runs on original Solstice features while providing four new features.

10 InfoComm Products HigherEducation TechDecisions Recommends for Your College
Crestron, FSR, 3LCD and Vidyo are a handful of names that appear in HigherEducation TechDecisions' top ten InfoComm products of 2014.

How a Video Wall Can Benefit Your Campus
A video wall helps project a college's brand, projects information quickly and makes a school stand out

5 Top Features To Consider When Shopping for Video Solutions
HigherEducation TechDecisions narrowed down the best of the best in video solutions that colleges should consider at InfoComm 2014.

10 of the Most Eye-Popping Booths at InfoComm 2014
Baanta, Crestron, Digiled, FSR and NEC are just some of the companies whose booths wowed the InfoComm crowd.

Future Trends for Higher Education According to InfoComm 2014
Sextant Group President/CEO Mark Valenti gave a rundown on trends that will appear in colleges in the near future.

How to Transform an Unused Space into a Collaborative LearnLab
Red Thread transforms an unused space in the Lamont Library at Harvard University into an up-to-date, technological collaborative center.

5 Tips to Choosing Wayfinding Digital Signage Solutions for Your College
Wayfinding digital signage solutions are multi-purpose and user friendly, which is an ideal combination for the people intercepting messages and the ones who are creating them

Get What You Give: The Facts Behind Classroom Collaboration
Collaborative learning strategies have changed for today’s college kids, especially with options like long distance learning, online classes and BYOD

Colleges should consider updating their fire safety procedures to keep their students and campuses safe.