Illume Learning Launches World’s Largest Database of Teaching Materials for College Instructors
By TechDecisions Staff · March 30, 2016 • The free, unique and comprehensive course creation tool is now available for professors.

3 Things to Consider When Planning a Digital Signage System
By Tim Albright · March 28, 2016 • Digital signage systems have replaced a number of traditional methods of displaying information. Learn more about how to plan on purchasing yours.

How CRM Technology Can Improve The Education Environment
By Jeff Nixon · March 24, 2016 • Jeff Nixon of Highland Solutions explains why CRM solutions are vital to higher education institutions.

Why Online Learning Opportunities May be the Key to Increasing Overall Enrollment
By TD Staff · March 21, 2016 • A 37 percent increase in enrollment in Blinn College's distance learning program has helped to increase the school's overall enrollment despite drops in campus admissions.

These Microphones Are Allowing Students to Be Seen and Heard
By TechDecisions Staff · March 17, 2016 • Molloy College Nursing Center gets a healthy dose of Clockaudio Technologies for an improved educational experience.

AV Manufacturers Partner for The Higher Education Technology Summit
By TechDecisions Staff · March 15, 2016 • The first in a series of technology summits will be held in Burlington, MA. It will offer product training, discussions, networking and more.

Why Digital Signage is the Optimal Communication Solution for Campuses
By Steve Chang · March 14, 2016 • Steve Chang of RMG Networks discusses the benefits of digital signage and how this solution can help higher education institutions overcome communication challenges.

Why Enterprise CRM is Expanding in Higher Education
By TD Staff · March 10, 2016 • This document discusses the research and findings regarding trend analysis for Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) selection, implementation and expansion within colleges and universities.

Online Education: The Growing Divide Between Rich and Poor
By Mike Morgan · March 10, 2016 • Providing equal opportunities for online educational platforms is a vital concern of the technology-driven modern world. Here’s where the biggest divides lie.

University of Georgia is Handing Out Homework with This Management Solution
By Jessica Kennedy · March 7, 2016 • Katherine McClain, an economics instructor at the University of Georgia, invested in MyEconLab by Pearson to better manage her students’ learning.

4 Ways to Engage Students Using Digital Signage
By Ellyce Kelly · March 4, 2016 • In order to better engage students with your digital signage, follow these four steps offered by Visix.

Interview: David Comisford Talks EduSourced Partnership with Yale School of Management
By TechDecisions Staff · March 3, 2016 • Yale School of Management has partnered with EduSourced in order to better enable students and companies to work together on senior projects.

What Happens When Students Pay To Flip the Classroom
By Jessica Kennedy · February 29, 2016 • When college students have to pay for solutions like online learning forums, their bank accounts and experience-based satisfaction go down.

Gonzaga University Advances in Automation with this Service Management Solution
By Jessica Kennedy · February 25, 2016 • The university implemented service management solutions by EasyVista Inc. to benefit from automation and better management.

Creation of New Mobile Lightboard Aims to Improve Online Education
By TD Staff · February 23, 2016 • Online students at Emporia State University are benefiting from more engaging presentations thanks to the new Lightboard features.

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