21 InfoComm Solutions Bound to Impact Education
By TechDecisions Staff · June 21, 2016 • Ranging from collaborative technologies to audio products and room scheduling solutions, InfoComm 2016 booths had plenty of educational innovations to show off.

Governor’s State University Unifies Campus Audio with Dante
By TechDecisions Staff · June 20, 2016 • Audio over IP network brings together more than 500 channels and multiple Dante vendor partners to support broadcast, production, live sound and education applications.

How Streaming Video is Disrupting Higher Ed
By Mike Morgan of Advanced AV · June 16, 2016 • Streaming video is disrupting higher ed and fomenting the MOOC revolution. But the MOOC revolution is a good thing and streaming video is here to stay.

How to Choose Between a Projector and Display for Your Classroom
By Tim Albright · June 13, 2016 • The age old debate of projector versus display depends on the utility of the device and where it will be housed.

How to Go About Setting Up an Asset Management System
By Tim Albright · June 9, 2016 • Technology managers are constantly being pitched the next great asset management system. How do you know when you really need one?

Automating Technology Audits
By TD Staff · June 9, 2016 • A growing trend that saves schools time, money and resources.

4 Tips for Creating BYOD Policies at your University
By Tim Albright · June 6, 2016 • An overwhelming majority of students now carry a mobile device, and many carry multiple mobile devices. Make sure your BYOD policy is up to snuff

Smart Sustainability: Leveraging Technology to Optimize University Storage
By Denny Hammack · June 2, 2016 • Storing both physical material and data is a priority for universities, but how can these schools do so without breaking the bank?

Somber Ceremony Pays Respect to Outdated AV Before Celebrating Its Replacement
By Rachel Quetti · May 31, 2016 • Big Bertha, Rupp Arena’s enormous 39-year-old, 20-foot-long sound system is being replaced by a Daktronics center-hung scoreboard with LED viewing screens and a new sound system.

If You Want Tech in the Classrooms, Teach the Teachers
By Marina Gregory · May 30, 2016 • You can’t have technology in the classroom if you neglect to train the teachers. Here’s why teacher training needs to improve.

The Advantages of Choosing a Wireless Access Control System
By Scott Lidley · May 26, 2016 • Certain situations lend themselves to wireless locking systems, whether they are installed in new, modern buildings or historical landmarks.

New App Lets Students Discover History All Around Them
By TechDecisions Staff · May 24, 2016 • The new Clio App, developed by a professor at Marshall University, lets users find out what historical buildings, sites and events surround them.

Video Surveillance System Helps University Keep An Eye on Expanding Campus
By TechDecisions Staff · May 23, 2016 • Campbell University migrates to IP video surveillance with the help of ARTECO eMotion software.

The Costs of Crime and the Benefits of Security Technology
By Robin Hattersley Gray · May 19, 2016 • Here’s an estimate of what your organization might spend on access control and locks, as well as the lives, resources and money you could save as a result of the installation of these technologies.

Why Atlona Taught HigherEd Furniture Seekers About AV Distibution
By Tom LeBlanc · May 17, 2016 • Upscale office furnishing retailer partner keeps an integration firm sales consultant embedded in its showrooms to address inevitable technology needs.

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