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5 Investments that Will Keep Your Campus Safe
Colleges can keep their students, faculty and staff safe by equipping their campuses with safety equipment.

How Your College Can Play it Safe with BYOD Networks
Colleges are now able to control their BYOD networks to protect its students from cyber-attacks.

Louisiana State University Combines Academia and the Arts With New Digital Media Center
Historically, the university has been not only a repository of knowledge but a seeker of it, as well. Schools regularly collaborate with industry, science and other spheres to broaden their knowledge base and, if they’re adroit enough, help their bottom lines, too. The newly opened Louisiana Digital Media Center (DMC) at Louisiana State University (LSU) is the perfect example of that synergy between academia and industry. What sets the venue apart from others of it's kind is its 7.1-surround Meyer Sound cinema system .

State-of-the-Art Security on Exhibit at Art Academy
The Academy of Art University in San Francisco is protecting its students, faculty and facilities with updated security measures and lock systems.

5 Ways to Light up Your College Classroom with a Projector
One of the most effective ways to keep students’ eyes locked on a lesson is through rich and colorful projector presentation.

Campus Safety Conference Educates Over 300 Attendees
The Campus Safety Conference featured safety lessons and hi-tech security equipment for schools to use and protect their students.

Why Your College Should Consider the Rules of Engagement in Distance Learning
An online learning teacher discovers ways to keep her distance learners engaged.

Digital Signage Boosts ROI at St. Louis University
Media Services at St Louis University has learned to justify technology purchases

Blended Learning: The Best of Both Worlds at St. Petersburg College
A Project Eagle Grant helped St. Petersburg College begin to build up their online course offerings 15 years ago. Since then, momentum towards more innovative and effective educational models has only increased.

University of Oregon Hatfield-Dowlin Football Performance Center Educates and Exercises Students
A look at Oregon University's custom sports solution for its football players.

Texas Tech University Adds Video Walls To Classroom Teaching Tools
Texas Tech University's new video wall gives students a glimpse of their field in the work world.

What’s In a Room: How to Shop for Study Lounge Furniture
When shopping, look for furniture that offers comfort, support, portability, supports electronics, provides privacy and encourages collaboration.

California Community Colleges Build Nursing Education Facilities with CompView
Nursing students get a chance to try out new medical procedures on high-fidelity human patient simulators rather than live patients.

4 Ways to Experience Distance Learning Through the Lens
The best distance learning cameras will provide HD images, point-tilt-zoom capabilities, live-streaming and on-demand options and support content sharing.

West Virginia University Uses Digital Signage For Campus Safety
West Virginia University (WVU) uses digital signage for emergency notifications on campus. Their digital signage is a combination of Samsung displays and other vendors. X20 media provides the content management platform WVU uses to both manage and create its digital signage content. The displays are placed in high traffic areas like dorms, meeting spaces and dining halls and are tied to e2campus which the university uses for emergency text alerts allowing campus police to trigger the signage via SMS. Alerts are also sent to the WVU homepage as well as the campus TV network.

Colleges should consider updating their fire safety procedures to keep their students and campuses safe.