These 5 Universities Are Upgrading Their Networks to Give Students an “At-Home Access” Feel
By Jessica Kennedy · January 22, 2016 • Duke University, Clemson University, Auburn University at Montgomery, University of South Florida and Georgia Southern University partnered with Apogee to give students an “at-home access” feel with their networks.

3 Keys to Successful DIY Digital Signage in Higher Education
By Timothy DiVito · January 21, 2016 • Digital signage expert Timothy DiVito, who will be presenting at DSE 2016, reveals 3 key things colleges need to consider in order to have a successful DIY digital signage experience.

3 Things Colleges Overlook in Their Campus Security
By Jessica Kennedy · January 21, 2016 • Even though colleges overlook things like mass notification media and the fine details of their security plans, the experts from Alertus Technologies can help colleges get their security strategies back on track.

Why Colleges Can’t Escape Social Media, & How They Can Support It
By Jessica Kennedy · January 20, 2016 • Colleges should discover and apply new ways to encourage positive student engagement with social media rather than punishing them for using it to speak their minds.

Why a Class on Social Media Usage is Important for College Students
By Jessica Kennedy · January 19, 2016 • In order to sharpen students’ social media skills and prepare students for “real world” social media, the Missouri School of Journalism is instituting a class on social media.

Your College Has Been Using These 2 Technology Trends For Years
By Jessica Kennedy · January 18, 2016 • For years, colleges have been utilizing the Cloud and Internet of Things, which are two trends that are expected to soar in higher education in 2016.

Franklin University Is Tracking Student Lifecycles with This CRM Solution
By Jessica Kennedy · January 18, 2016 • In order to better engage with students on and off campus, Franklin University implemented Talisma by Campus Management.

University of Dallas Webcasts Sports with This HD Solution
By Jenna Wilson · January 18, 2016 • The University of Dallas is using Matrox Monarch HD to give a better sports game experience to families, fans and coaches.

3 Things Instructors Need to Look for Before Purchasing a Projector
By TD Staff · January 15, 2016 • Projector experts offer guidance on how colleges should pick a projector that will fit the right space, yield bright colors and provide a healthy ROI.

How to Warm Up Your Virtual Classroom with These 5 Icebreakers
By Zoe Anderson · January 14, 2016 • Icebreakers can help virtual classroom instructors help students feel more at home

Shenandoah University Takes Workforce Management to the Cloud With This Solution
By Quaiser Absar, Director of Institutional Computing at Shenandoah University · January 14, 2016 • Shenandoah University invested in Kronos's Workforce Central solution for better management of employees' information, including time sheets and payroll.

This Solution Makes Textbook Accessibility Easier for Students with Disabilities
By Jessica Kennedy · January 14, 2016 • In order to accommodate students’ needs and make textbooks more accessible, organizations like the Accessibility Solutions and Research Center uses ABBYY FineReader.

EDUCAUSE Releases 2016’s Top 10 IT Problems – Number 1 Is No Surprise
By Jessica Kennedy · January 13, 2016 • Information security is deemed the number one issue on EDUCAUSE’s Top 10 IT Problems in 2016 list.

10 Steps to Creating A Campus Security Master Plan
By Jeff W. Fields · January 12, 2016 • Incorporating construction plans, ensuring equipment interoperability and determining future security personnel needs are just some of the measures campuses should incorporate to improve their overall safety and security.

5 Tips to Easing Instructors’ Anxiety Towards New Technology
By Jessica Kennedy · January 11, 2016 • In order to quell instructors’ anxiety towards using new technology in the classroom, Mechdyne Corporation over 5 tips.

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