StarTech Adds Video Cable Options
StarTech's new line of video cables includes HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort products in a choice of odd sizes to address unique installations.
Long, lean or in between, this new cable line can stretch to fit any install.
By Robert Archer

Typically when a cable manufacturer launches a product into the market, the cables are made in a handful of sizes that don’t always fit your needs.

StarTech’s new line of video cables includes DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and DVI products that are available in a wide range of lengths that aren’t always readily available.

The DVI and DisplayPort cables are available in lengths from one foot up to 50 feet, the HDMI cables come in lengths up to 80 feet, and VGA cables can be ordered in lengths up to 100 feet. The Ohio-based company says all of the cables are designed to maintain signal integrity over long transmission lengths.

The cables can be used for nearly any video installation.

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