Single-display Videoconferencing Makes for a Flexible Solution for Your School
Single display videoconferencing is a versatile tool.
No matter the size of your school there are videoconferencing products to fit your needs. Check out our slideshow for some of the best products available.
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Whether you’re a small school or a large one, videoconferencing products are available sized just for you.
By Leslie O'Neill

You don’t need a massive, complex telepresence system to benefit from videoconferencing. For some colleges and universities, a single-screen videoconferencing system is all the technology you need to create a state-of-the-art room. You can easily outfit a classroom with a high-quality HD (high definition) system for less than $20,000. Depending on the videoconferencing system you choose, you can spend much less than that — you just have to decide where you want to install the solution and how you want to use it to reach students.

With a single-screen videoconferencing system, you can install it wherever you choose rather than in a specially designed room. In addition, whether you are communicating across campuses or bringing in experts, you will find that starting with one use case just leads to more.

A point-to-point single-screen room system like the LifeSize Express 220 is appropriate for many scenarios in higher education. It does allow for a certain amount of privacy as well as flexibility. It can be installed in small or large conference rooms, classrooms and more. Because most systems integrate with monitors as small as 24 inches, they can be installed anywhere you can hang a flat-screen TV. They have few components: a codec, which is the device that encodes and decodes video and plugs into the monitor; a camera, possibly with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, and a microphone or conference phone. Depending

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Single-display Videoconferencing Makes for a Flexible Solution for Your School

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