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Schneider Electric Promotes Energy Savings and Environmental Responsibility with Conserve My Plane
Conserve My Planet program
Schneider Electric implements program in Allen Independent School District helping students, faculty and staff to cut energy costs by $73,500 through leadership, teamwork and smart…
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Schneider Electric has announced that it has successfully completed its first implementation of the Conserve My Planet program in the U.S. at the Allen Independent School District, in Allen, Texas. Schneider Electric’s Conserve My Planet program is an educational, energy-saving program for K-12 schools that includes an energy audit, educational materials, teacher and student training programs, evaluation, and recognition.

Tasked with cutting its energy budget by 10 percent, the school district worked with Schneider to meet that mark while educating the students across 16 elementary schools about ways to cut energy usage. Schneider Electric provided an energy and sustainability manager to guide Allen Independent School District in planning and implementing an energy and sustainability awareness campaign for its elementary schools, with a focus on changing the behaviors of the administration, teachers and students. As a result of implementing various energy competitions and educational programs over the course of the school year, the district was able to save approximately $73,500, and reduced CO2 emissions by 423 tons, equivalent to removing 95 cars from the roads for one year.

“We are very proud of our dedicated staff and students, who raised the bar with their creativity and dedication to energy efficiency,” Roy Mitchel, energy manager, Allen Independent School District. “The results surpassed our expectations, and we’re considering extending the program to our middle and high schools.”

By empowering teachers and students, the Conserve My Planet program is designed to motivate students, teachers and staff to take an active role in encouraging smart, efficient energy use in school and at home. The program starts with a sustainability master plan, which can address everything from how individual buildings work to recycling and environmentally friendly cleaning products. The program makes grade-specific energy curriculum plans available and incorporates classroom activities, demonstrations, field trip suggestions, student-led energy audit project plans, and competitions to engage students to help make a difference, in terms of both energy bills and the well-being of the environment.

For more information on Schneider Electric’s Conserve My Planet program, visit: http://www.schneider-electric.us/sites/us/en/solutions/energy-efficiency/conserve-my-planet/conserve-my-planet.page

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