Samsung Unveils ‘Learning Ecosystem’
Smart School Solution
Photo by Aaron Stern
As Samsung's Eddie Castillo draws on a touch eBoard, his words display on Samsung Galaxy Tabs around the mock classroom where the company's Smart School Solution was unveiled at last week's Digital Signage Expo 2012.
Tablet, Screen, LMS combination billed as a game-changing all-in-one classroom technology solution.
By Aaron Stern

Schools that want to upgrade their schools by purchasing tablets, whiteboards, digital signage, or learning management systems (LMS) have a wide array to choose from. But at last week’s Digital Signage Expo 2012 in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled a tablet-screen-LMS package that the company is billing as the first all-in-one classroom technology ecosystem.

Samsung’s Smart School Solution combines the company’s 65” touch eBoard with a Samsung Galaxy Tab (or any Windows or Android device). Content is managed by one of the most popular names in LMS right now – Moodle. The system also works with non eBoard displays through a laptop and a wireless router, according to the company.

The Smart School Solution is designed to allow teachers to interact in a more comprehensive, efficient manner. Content can be shared back and forth, including notes, quizzes and multimedia; teachers can also remotely monitor each student’s tablet activity.

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In a demonstration at a Samsung booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Samsung’s Eddie Castillo test drove the system, acting as the teacher as audience members played the role of students. He pushed notes and quizzes from his Galaxy tablet to the eBoard and to the students’ tabs. He allowed individual students to present what they had drawn on their tablets on the board at the front of the classroom.

The end result, said Castillo, is greater interaction and more individualized learning.

“The attention span of the student is very focused on what I’m putting out [as] a lecture,” he said.

In two pilot studies conducted in Korean schools, the system increased student attention spans and classroom success, according to Samsung officials.

Castillo said that the Smart School Solution will initially be sold as a closed ecosystem, meaning that it will not be compatible other tablets or learning management systems or smartboards. It is not yet for sale, but Castillo said that Samsung is looking to extend its pilot program to more schools. Thus far the only schools to use it have been the two pilot programs in Korea. TD End Icon Final 14 px


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