DSE 2012: New Digital Signage Media Players

A round-up of some new media players showcased at this year's Digital Signage Expo.

DSE 2012: New Digital Signage Media Players
DSE 2012: New Digital Signage Media Players

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DSE 2012: New Digital Signage Media Players

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Digital signage displays would be nothing without the media players that deliver stored content, generated by local software, from a network feed or a mix.

Players may be built-in to an all-in-one digital sign, or be small-form-factor computers tucked neatly behind… or be elsewhere, connected by a wired or wireless network. Local players are especially critical for digital signage applications where network connectivity is unavailable or unreliable.

Having trouble selecting the right media player? Take a look at some of these new solutions that were on display at DSE 2012.

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