Does This App Stand Alone for Serial Connectivity?
Get Console iPhone App


Get Console Universal Terminal iPhone and iPad App
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We got a recommendation for the Get Console, iPhone and iPad App as the one for serial connectivity. What about an Android app?
By Cindy Davis

AMX and Crestron control system programmer, Nick Miller recommended the Get Console serial connectivity App for iPad and iPhone. He says, “Works wonders. It even allows remote console through the web.”

The Get Console App is $9.99 and requires a $59.00 cable.

Others “say” that Androids don’t have an issue connecting. Let’s hear about it! It is looking like iOS is winning the App battle.


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Does This App Stand Alone for Serial Connectivity?

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Cindy Davis has had a passion for A/V and technology since taking apart her first transistor radio. She found it fun to write macros in DOS while at Lotus, but really loves her countless Apple products. Between 2000 and 2008 Davis was the editor-in-chief of Electronic House magazine. In 2011 she helped bring life to TechDecisions Media as editor-in-chief, and is continuing to contribute to TechDecisions as editor-at-large.

Posted by Mike in SC  on  05/14  at  09:30 PM
I downloaded the Get-Console app just yesterday, and it's already become one of my favorite apps. I telnet or ssh into lots of gear, and the connection manager built into the app makes it simple to configure and organize connections. I love being able to log my sessions, and I use the built-in Dropbox integration to make these logs available back at my desk. Get-Console does a great job of implementing iPad multitasking, so I can be in a session and press the home button, surf the web or check email, then come back to Get-Console and pick up my still-connected sessions. And if I want more than one session active at a time so I can compare Configs? No problem! Also, some of my listings are very long, so the configurable length of the scroll back buffer (I have mine set to 1000 lines) is very handy. I have experimented with the remote connection feature, and found this needs improvement due to latency, but it still usable in a pinch and a great feature. I've ordered the RedPark console cable from the Get-Console web site but since it hasn't arrived yet I can't comment on how it works. I am very anxious to give it a try though since holding a laptop in a tight closet can be a real drag! Overall I see myself using this app a lot in the field, and I hope the company continues to support and expand its functionality.
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