3 Digital Signage Tips from Purdue University
Thomas Bunton
Above: Thomas Bunton, associate director of HFS-IT for Administrative Computing, at Purdue University. PLUS: New Displays Slide Show
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With 70 digital signs, Bunton of Purdue University offers best practices, budget savings and shares some pain points too.
By Daniel P. Dern

Thomas Bunton, associate director of HFS-IT (Housing and Food Services) for Administrative Computing, at Purdue University, reports that his department has about 20 46-inch NEC P461 commercial displays in dining facilities and elsewhere within the department, plus providing content to about 50 displays in other departments and facilities on campus.

TechDecisions: What are some best practices in selecting displays for digital signage?

Bunton: We look for displays that will tolerate sometimes hot and dusty environments, which can be tough on components. Also, digital signage needs to have good viewing angles; good cooling, regardless of whether it’s in landscape or portrait orientation and remote power control.

We found having several vendors bring displays in for a side-by-side comparison of our content to our stakeholders, which helped identify the best product.

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TD: What are some pain points in selecting displays?

Bunton: We have to get buy-in from the stakeholders — the display and installation costs are typically coming directly or indirectly from their budgets, so we have to explain why they can’t just go to Walmart to buy a consumer-grade TV, but need to use a commercial display that will cost two to three times as much.

TD: Any budget savers?

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3 Digital Signage Tips from Purdue University

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